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To you who want to display your moods, your humor, your values!

You who don't take yourself seriously but like to assert your personality, fun and festive, committed and want to have fun with your everyday clothes.

Our message scratch patches are for you!

A patch is offered for each base purchased and you can buy many others individually to spruce up your outfit or customize your coat, cushion, curtain,'s up to you!

Description of the patch

Embroidered message patch in 12cm x 2.8cm format, mounted on velcro*.

The message is embroidered with red thread (or gold for some patches) on a white background in 100% polyester. Finished with American bourdon edge.

*the Velcro attachment is already on the suit.

If ordered individually, the Velcro attachment is sold with the patch.

Made in Belgium.

Inclusive message patch

Velcro patch with message included

More than offering you beautiful fashion pieces, Houblon Platine's reason for existing is our values ​​and the pedagogy around them. Inclusiveness is essential to us and it starts with small things like prioritizing inclusive messaging !

All our embroidered message velcro patches carry inclusive messages or exist in the genres that (still) govern our French. For example “Chef de meute” is also available in its feminine version “Cheffe de meute”. Whatever your gender, you can adopt them!

Delivery, returns, exchanges...

We ship your order 3 to 8 working days after receipt of payment.

Returns and Exchanges

The objective of Houblon Platine is to guarantee you complete satisfaction. You can return it within fourteen days of receipt and be fully refunded. Find all the information on our dedicated page and contact us at .

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