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BLEU NUIT D'IVRESSE unisex jumpsuit

BLEU NUIT D'IVRESSE unisex jumpsuit

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Adopt an inclusive unisex blue jumpsuit with strong values!

To you who love sober originality. The classy classic.

You who are never where you are expected.

The "BLEU NUIT D'IVRESSE" jumpsuit is for you.

Night or day owl, class in Dallas tinged with mystery, it's all you!

You who prefer striking outfits to grand speeches.

Gorgeous with everyday trainers, it goes upmarket with ankle boots or a pair of pumps. As a bonus, you'll have a blast accessorizing this blank, midnight blue canvas! Also try a belt with it to pimp it to your liking.

From XS to 5XL.

And like all our pieces, the "Bleu Nuit d'Ivresse" jumpsuit comes with 1 red embroidery patch included to choose from a selection. You can complete your collection from a wide choice red or gold colored patches, to show off your values ​​and your humor!

Choose your size carefully!

When choosing your wetsuit size, you should not only take into account your usual size: your height and your morphology also have their say!


You are a woman:

You measure between 1m66 and 1m70 and you are 42-44 (XL)? Your size is XL!

And what if I'm not the same size at the top and bottom? It's always the larger size between the two that wins! For example, if you measure between 1m61 and 1m65 and you usually wear 36-38 (S) at the top and 38-40 (M) at the bottom: your size will be M, because we use the largest size for calculate!

You are a man:

Mmm how to read and use this table? You measure between 1m66 and 1m70 and you are 40-42 (XL)? Your size is XL!

And what if I'm not the same size at the top and bottom? It's always the larger size between the two that wins! For example, if you are between 1.71m and 1.75m tall and you usually wear 40-42 (XL) at the top and 42-44 (2XL) at the bottom: your size will be 2XL, because we use the larger size for calculate!

A doubt ?

Write to us at or via Instagram, in pm!

An inclusive combination

Inclusiveness at Houblon Platine is essential. More than essential, it is our reason for existing. Our message. This inclusiveness is expressed in our jumpsuits through our choice to offer gender-neutral pieces and plus size jumpsuits.

First, our models of wetsuits are unisex and adapt to a majority of morphologies! The cut is the same for men and women. The choice of your size will depend on the way it falls, more or less oversize!

And the sizes, let's talk about it! Our models are available from XS (34) to 5XL (52)! It was particularly important to us to be able to offer you our models whatever your size!

A suit in your image

What is special about our brand's pieces? You can show off your mood, your values ​​and your style!

We offer many different message patches! With this model is offered a red embroidery patch to choose from our collection of patches, but you are free to acquire other patches on our site so that your jumpsuit accompanies you on all occasions!

Description of your suit

Cut: Jumpsuit with 5 pockets: 2 patched with gold zippers on the chest, 2 Italian on the trousers and 1 patch on the right thigh. A scratch is sewn above the heart pocket to accommodate the patch. English collar with opening by double golden zipper. Elastic bending in the back at the waist.


Manufacturing, composition and washing

Material: 100% cotton twill effect

Label: Textile certified Oeko tex. This label guarantees that no chemicals hazardous to health have been used on this textile.

Made in: In France, in our workshop in Aisne, or in Tunisia

Patch: 1 patch is provided with your order, to choose from a selection of 10 red embroidered patches.

Care instructions: Machine wash at 30°C inside out, it's definitely better to preserve the color! No bleach or dryer. It is best to hand wash the patch.

Delivery, return, exchange...


We ship your order 3 to 8 working days after receipt of payment.

Returns and Exchanges

The objective of Houblon Platine is to guarantee you complete satisfaction. You can return it within fourteen days of receipt and be fully refunded. Did you fail in choosing your size? Exchanges are also possible within this period of fourteen days but the return is at your expense. Find all the information on our dedicated page and contact us at .

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Change your mood in a snap!

Choose as many additional patches as you want, we have a big collection ;)

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